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Workwear Depot.

Graphic & Digital Design.

The client

Workwear Depot is a US based company (part of the global manufacturer, Portwest) that specialises in the supply of affordable, functional and hard wearing workwear, including High-Visibility Clothing, Flame Resistant Clothing, Rainwear, Safety Footwear and PPE.

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Workwear Depot brand identity for US based workwear clothing brand
Workwear Depot logo design colour ways
Workwear Depot brand identity for US based workwear clothing brand
Workwear Depot direct campaign marketing leaflet
Workwear Depot direct campaign marketing social
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Project Description

After working with their trusted partner (Portwest), Workwear Depot approached me to create a new brand identity and marketing assets, aimed at the US market, for use on Shopify and their own website.

When it came to devising the branding, I began by analysing Workwear Depot's competitors and researching their US target market. This meant I could create several design concepts that were tailored to their audience and could work effectively across Workwear Depot’s multiple platforms and products.

The final design had an industrial look and feel with a colour palette that reflected the US health and safety nature of many of their products. It was a flexible design that could be adapted to fit different sectors, ranges, colour palettes and different platforms including web, social media and print marketing.

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