Tug-e-Nuff stands as a family-operated enterprise fueled by an unwavering passion for canines! Their focus lies in crafting inventive and captivating dog toys, meticulously designed by seasoned training professionals, promising to ignite boundless joy in every wagging tail.

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Tug-e-Nuff initially reached out to us more than five years ago to create essential marketing materials. Since then, I've been consistently involved in providing comprehensive design and development support for their marketing efforts.

Through fostering a dependable partnership with the Tug-E-Nuff team, I've seamlessly integrated into their operations, contributing fresh ideas regularly. Tug-e-Nuff, a forward-looking brand in the realm of dog toys, continuously seeks innovative approaches to marketing, enabling us to showcase our expertise and push creative boundaries.

Beginning in late 2021, Tug-e-Nuff embarked on a comprehensive rebranding journey encompassing digital, social, and print assets, culminating in the creation of their inaugural brand guidelines. These guidelines serve as a blueprint for both internal and external teams, guiding their collaborative efforts. The new branding encapsulates Tug-e-Nuff's essence more accurately and aligns with the company's evolving product portfolio. This transformation paved the way for meticulously crafted campaigns, email templates, and ebooks tailored to their target audience.

In support of one of the brand's flagship products, the Tug-e-Nuff team entrusted me with designing and developing a dedicated product landing page. This page aimed to showcase the product's benefits for dogs while offering bundled purchasing options, including customizable treat and color selections.Utilizing Webflow's e-commerce capabilities, I meticulously crafted the product landing page, seamlessly integrating social and Google promotional channels. This bespoke microsite not only facilitates direct purchasing and promotions but also synchronizes orders with the Shopify platform's stock database.




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What the client say
We’ve been working with Chris for a few years on ad hoc leaflets, ebooks and social image design. It’s clear that Chris not only has a flair for design but actually gets to the core of the design job by getting familiar with the copy/design brief to produce something that hits the mark each time.
Co-Founder of Tug-E-Nuff
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