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Web Design

Pathfinder Medical.

Branding & Webflow Development.

The client

Pathfinder Medical is a medical technology company, based in the UK, that is focused on developing innovative medical technology and procedures that the NHS and other worldwide healthcare systems can adopt.

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Pathfinder Medical branding and website design
Pathfinder Medical branding and website design, mobile
Pathfinder Medical branding and website design, mobile
Pathfinder Medical branding and website design, About us Team
Pathfinder Medical branding and website design,, webpage
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Project Description

After working with Pathfinder Medical to create a distinct brand identity, they then commissioned me to redesign their website to showcase this new branding and generate interest in one of their new products.

Using Webflow, I worked closely with the client to design their website from the wire framing process through to the full design. We adapted the process to optimise their content and fulfil their requirement to showcase their key statistics in a clear and simple way, demonstrating an obvious need for their products in the market. It was also important to make sure the site was responsive to current mobile technologies, maximising user experience.

Chris was a pleasure to work with and helped us really step up the quality of online presence! He has a keen eye for detail and was always focused on ensuring the site provided the best user experience. Highly recommended!

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