Workwear Depot.

US based Workwear Depot specialises in the supply of affordable, functional and hardwearing workwear. from High-Visibility Clothing, Flame Resistant Clothing, Rainwear, Work Coveralls and Pants, Safety Footwear, Hand Protection and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


After being commissioned to do some Freelance work for the core brand, Portwest approached me to create a new brand identity and marketing assets for the U.S. market to sell there products to customers in the USA on a shopfiy website platform.

Workwear Depot-master logo
Workwear Depot-black logo
Workwear Depot-yellow-logo


When it came to devising the branding, I began by doing competitor analyses and researching their target market to understand the audience and create a design that could work across platforms and products developed under the brand name.

The final design resulted in creating an industrial look and feel design, that had health and safety colour palette that contrasted across its diverse target market.

The branding was implemented and developed across both web, social and print marketing.

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