A family-run business that is just barking mad about dogs that specialise in making exciting, active motivational dog toys that are designed by training experts and guaranteed to set tails wagging.


The team at Tug-e-Nuff was looking to have a small quarterly magazine designed to give to free to there customers at events and in every online order. Each Issue would contain engaging content, product review, and tips on care, training, and ideas for treats for owners.

Over time, what once was a small quarterly job turned into a strong relationship where I work with them in designing and creating marketing materials for use online, print, and social media, that were paw-friendly and tail waggingly engaging to there clients.


Through the process, I work with the Tug-e tiff team, ensuring that their Marketing material is the best it can be from making suggestions for the written content for engagement through to the visual execution of there marketing material.

I always present ideas that push the boundaries of them standing out from there competition, ensuring that the views presented embody the ethos of the company and that they are dog-friendly

" Awesome communication and happy to make changes as needed. End result was stunning "
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