Synel UK.

Synel UK is a leader in Workforce management products, providing its client's tech solutions to managing businesses workforce from absences, payroll, security, and workforce productivity.


Needing to push there marketing SyneluK marketing team approach me to create and design the visuals for there stands along with designing their brochures that focused on areas of education, business, and Human Resources.

Working with the marketing team, I helped to direct the look and feel of the marketing materials, from the presentation of concept design to full commercial pieces and providing full design assistance to final production.


After initial researching both the previous marketing approaches long with there competitors, the proposed direction was more about how Synels technology solutions help their clients in real scenarios and highlighting the added benefits of these solutions.

The final result was a developed look that used the current colour branding palette into more relevant and digestible materials, which were associated with the very products and markets SynelUK were targeting.

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