April 17, 2020

Should you be using Webflow?:

Considering the benefits of Webflow for website development

What is Webflow?

Webflow is an online web design and development tool that was launched in 2013; it has helped over 1 million customers build, launch and grow their own websites quickly and easily as it simplifies the process by eliminating the need to code.

Many users now look to Webflow over existing tools, such as WordPress, in order to effectively build their businesses; Webflow gives complete design freedom whereas WordPress restricts users with templates, or requires they code new designs from scratch.

My experience with Webflow

As a Graphic and Digital designer, clients employ me to design their website in order to maximize their online, visual presence, however, I am also frequently approached for advice regarding the best method to develop a website from scratch.

In order to offer more comprehensive advice to my clients and after seeing many positive reviews regarding Webflow on the YouTube Channels of many Web and User Interface Designers, I decided to put Webflow to the test. I began a two week training course run by Ran Segall, a Webflow designer and YouTube influencer.This course enabled me to confidently promote Webflow to my clients as a simple solution to website development (much cheaper than hiring an independent website developer) but also allowed me to expand my skill set: I was able to easily design and build websites for small start-ups.

This was an excellent way for me to gain hands-on client to designer experience, a better understanding of user experience and a greater ability to plan out more effective websites for clients, modelled on the natural behaviour of a user.

7 Benefits of Webflow: Why you should be using it.

1. Bespoke designs.
Unlike WordPress, you have complete freedom to create a website and design that uniquely serves your needs as a business and effectively presents your brand. It can be used to create small marketing websites to building larger eCommerce websites and offers the ability to visually adapt your design to work effectively on both monitors and phones.

2. Ease.
This platform has one of the easiest content management systems (CMS), page tagging, and SEO capabilities I have come across; these benefits help optimize user experience of your website, simplify website management and help prevent technical issues, saving you from unnecessary stress.

3. Speed.
You can have a website ready to go in a very short space of time, getting your business up and running quickly and efficiently. One of Webflow’s main attractions is their offer of fast and reliable hosting, which makes setting a site live and maintaining it much quicker and easier. Whilst slightly more expensive than other platforms, I recommend investing in this feature for speed and security.

4. Collaboration.
With all these built-in features, this platform still allows you to share, export and transfer the project, allowing for easy collaboration with other designers. This sharing works across different tools meaning projects can be worked on through different platforms, such as WordPress, and creates a clean code when exported, to keep the process clean and simple.

5. Fresh.
Established in 2013, Webflow offers a fresh and innovative approach to the world of Web, User Interface and User Experience design, with a growing number of businesses choosing it to design, develop and manage websites.

6. Flexible Pricing.
Pricing and licensing for designers and developers on the pro license is around a reasonable £32 a month or £380 a year. This will allow you to work on multiple projects without having to pay and set up a new account for every new client.

7. Educational.
Webflow offers a wide variety of tutorials, run by experienced developers and YouTubers, that teach its customers how to use the platform, offering new and interesting ways of working with and integrating with Webflow.

Therefore, Webflow is a great platform that every designer and developer should try and use in order to maximize their customer’s digital experience quickly, easily and successfully. In order to further maximize your online presence, I would suggest seeking the advice of SEO/google analytics experts and also consider the effectiveness of your visual marketing.

Email me, today to explore the possibility of enhancing your businesses’ online presence through my Graphic and Digital design services; whether you’re self-employed, an influencer or a large corporate company, you could transform your business today.

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